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Pitcher Plant, Thyme, Pinks, Multiflora Rose, Joe Pye Weed, Lavender, Honey Locust, Fern, Phlox, Barberry, Cicada Wing


There is a little courtyard at Princeton Day School where I worked for 37 years, lovingly tended by the architecture teacher, that has pitcher plants in the Koi Pond. He was kind enough to allow me to pick a few. If you look closely, you will see the dark color of the dead bugs left in some of the stems of these carnivorous plants. There is a grumpy old bullfrog in that Koi Pond, who jumps into the water with a loud splash at anyone's approach. How did that bullfrog get into the enclosed courtyard pond? I have no idea!




Matte giclée print on watercolor paper

Pitcher Pond


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