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About My Process

What you see on this site are photographic prints of original pieces of art made from real pressed flowers, grasses, and natural ephemera such as leaves, seed pods, fronds, vines and stems. I pick, press, and arrange my collected botanicals into collages. I follow the strong conservation ethos among flower pressers: never pick more than one or two blossoms or take an entire plant; if there are only a few of some plants, don't pick at all; never pick from an arboretum or from someone's garden without asking. These nature collages are made from what I collect on quiet walks through meadows or woods, along roadsides, or from my own garden or from the gardens of friends, and even from cracks in city sidewalks.


Once I've brought home my botanical treasures, I carefully press them to maintain the best color and shape, and store them away from sun and air. Next, I choose heavy, acid-free watercolor paper on which I arrange my materials, sometimes creating 10-15 drafts until a composition feels right. The final part of the process involves slowly adhering the botanicals to the paper using art glue, toothpicks, and small paintbrushes. Each arrangement may take as long as two weeks to create depending on its complexity. My signature is a cicada wing; in 2021 central New Jersey had a huge hatch, during which hundreds died in my driveway. I collected their magical sparkly wings, giving them a second life in my art.

Over time, the colors on the original pieces of art will evolve, just as we humans change over the years. These archival prints are created with the best digital scanning technology available printed on acid-free, cotton rag, heavy, matte watercolor paper with archival-rated inks that are lightfast up to 200 years to ensure color retention. The effect is amazing and the botanicals on the photographs look almost 3D. Prints look best in the size of the original art.

Everything in the natural world is beautiful, if we only slow down enough to look carefully. Because we evolved in and around nature, it makes us feel good, calm, and centered to have nature in our homes.

If you would prefer an original work and would enjoy observing the organic color evolution process, please contact me about a commission.

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