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In chronological order of blooming bottom to top: Winter Bittercress, Snowdrops, Barbary, Chionodoxa, Hyacinth, Nishiki Willow, Witch Hazel, Cherry, Lesser Celandine, Crocus, Hellebore, Maple, Daffodil, Mustard, Viburnum, Cress, Sweet Alyssum, Cuckoo Flower, Vinca, Quince, Bluebell, Fleabane, Tulip, Violet, Bleeding Heart, Grape Hyacinth, Spring Beauty, Golden Alexander, Redbud, Trout Lily, Azalea, Rhododendron, Buttercup, Japanese Maple, Forget-Me-Not, Dogwood, Japanese Euonymus


Phenology is the study of seasonal changes. I didn't know there was a scientific field around this magnificent phenomenon; all I knew--until I learned that word--was that I loved every aspect of observing the seasons come and go: that first red blush on the maple tree outside my window or the snow drops sometimes poking their indomitable heads up over several inches of an early March snow. This year they emerged in very late February!  Or plunging my nose into the first yellow witch hazel, their fragrance and first tree flowering reminding me that spring will come and I should hang on just a little longer. Then, on the other seasonal end, the first turning of the maple leaves to yellow then fiery red and orange in October. This year, I decided to document spring as it arrived by pressing the very first of everything and even to follow a few botanicals (maple and cherry trees) from their buds to full flowers and leaves. The piece is arranged chronologically from bottom (March) to top (May) to take you along on the journey as your eye wanders ever upward.


The paper is handmade in Lao from mulberry bark, very textured, with a pinkish glow. I bought it in Luang Prabang from the family who made it. It was in a pile of other papers made from elephant dung and from saa trees. I only bought this one sheet, rolled it up, and carried it throughout southeast Asia with me. Why didn't I buy more!!




Matte giclée print on watercolor paper

Phenology: Spring Emerging


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