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Blue Billow Hydrangea, oak, buttercup, bougainvillea, Mexican ground cherry, lemon drop, pink, nicotiana, cranesbill, zinnia, silver falls dichondra argentea, rose, nishiki willow, euphorbia, chionodoxa, cicada wing


I’ve always loved mandalas: the symmetry, the colors, the idea that they represent transforming suffering into joy, and that they are supposed to be destroyed to underscore the impermanence of life. Nothing is forever. I learned about them by watching Tibetan monks years ago create a sand mandala on the Princeton University campus. After many, many hours of patient and painstaking work, they blew it all away.


Flower art is similar; it takes such a long time and requires being very careful and fussy, yet, at the end, the colors fade over time. I believe color evolution is part of the art form and is lovely in its aging. It looks different year after year. We all fade, no? But we are still beautiful.


14x14 or 16x16


Matte giclée print on watercolor paper

Mandala 1


    For custom sizes please email

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