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White Sweet Clover, Euonymus, Hydrangea, Queen Ann’s Lace, Rose of Sharon, Little Quaking Grass, Cosmos, Salvia, Pansy, Jump Seed, Aster, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, False London Rocket, Rose, Cicada wing


This piece began as a commission for someone who lives in Michigan who wanted a composition created entirely of Michigan plants. I happen to spend the summers in a tiny village on the Michigan/Indiana border right on the shores of Lake Michigan, so I picked all summer. I even found an intact Eastern Swallowtail butterfly lying on the road. The placing of the flowers began with the marvelous blue billow hydrangeas from a neighbor's garden, then came the rose of Sharon hibiscus, which looked like those little lanterns we made with our boys, lifted by a candle into the night sky over the dark lake. 




Matte giclée print on watercolor paper


At the Lake


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