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Painted Fern, Columbine, Grapevine, Brome, Nipplewort, Spring Grasses, Johnny Jump Up, Poppy, Tree Peony, Cicada Wing


Who doesn't love Poppies? I found these in the most interest spot. I had gone with a friend to look at a yard sale she'd found somewhere in the countryside. She wanted to buy dining room chairs. We pulled up to an old, rather delapidated house surrounded by masses of flowers, old barns, and a fair variety of animals. The owner, moving out to Arizona, turned out to be a biologist and ecologist. On a bookshelf were a score of amazing, old and rather musty books about plants; I came away with several. When I asked about the poppies along the side of the house, she was delighted to share. I separated all these blossoms into their separate petals to create the sense of fans, and then I surrounded them with grasses to enhance the feeling of the flowers blowing in a gentle breeze.




Matte giclée print on watercolor paper

Poppies in the Field


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